How did the Coalition to Unchain Dogs get started?

The Coalition to Unchain Dogs got its start in Durham, NC in August 2006 when founder Amanda Arrington and a handful of volunteers met at a coffee shop to discuss bringing anti-tethering legislation to the Triangle area of North Carolina. They knew that the legislation would pass more easily if they could be a part of the solution by providing fences for people who could not afford them. Amanda’s optimism, leadership skills and energy made her idea a reality, as she organized a crew of volunteers to regularly build fences so that the Coalition could provide labor and materials at no cost to the dogs’ owners. The Coalition has been changing communities in the Triangle area since building our first fence in Durham in March 2007.  Since then we have grown to serve other communities and provided care to thousands of families and their dogs.  Our people-centric approach has inspired the formation of similar groups all over the country.  We do so much more than build fences, we build community! The Coalition continues to expand rapidly. In addition to building fences at an ever-increasing rate in North Carolina and Atlanta, we are assisting compassionate people all over the country in forming groups to pass anti-tethering legislation and start similar programs in their areas. To read some of the positive press we’ve received, click here.