What is special about your approach?

The Coalition to Unchain Dogs is above all a people-centered organization.  Companion animals are always a companion to a person, so we focus on helping people. Through the simple act of unchaining a dog, we’re working to change an entire community.  We:

  • Reach out to populations that face the greatest cultural and practical barriers in accessing services for their pets
  • Bridge the information gap by taking knowledge directly to individuals
  • Elevate the standard of care for the dogs and keep those expectations high
  • Drive long-term change by staying in touch before, during and long after the fence build

In short, it doesn’t start or stop with a fence. We also build relationships, trust, optimism, and a sense of openness to possibilities for ourselves and for those we help. By getting to know people and helping them see their pets in a whole new light, we’re setting in motion a process that radically changes the expectations of a family, a neighborhood, and a community.  We call it “contagious care,” but you can also think of it as a chain reaction. It’s lasting change for the better.